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For those of you Pro Tools users who don’t know about this blog, I highly recommend checking it out. Not only does it tell you about the latest happenings re: the AIR instruments in Pro Tools (like news about upcoming AIR releases… hint hint), you can download free and paid sounds for Structure, watch videos on how to use aspects of the AIR instruments, and connect with other AIR users.

You’ll note that a link to this blog is now in my new category “AWESOME BLOGS” on the right side of this screen. More to come there as well.

AIR Users Blog

AIR Users Blog

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    Thanks! Love AIR instruments :)

    Has the Cubase 5 training been discontinued?

    hi my name is silas i’ve been looking for a course in protools i’m going to order those books in a weeks time.foe sharing your wealth with us.

    AIR instruments is great, love anything Pro Tools…

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