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It seems the dust is beginning to settle at Avid. After restructuring and rebranding all of their component parts in their music divisions, Avid has finally announced some new products today… BIG NEW products.

They’re releasing three new Pro Tools HD interfaces (HD I/O, HD OMNI, and HD MADI), two of which will have soft-knee limiters so you don’t overload your input signals. Avid is also offering a software upgrade called HEAT which I’m extremely excited about. Designed by Dave Hill of Crane Song’s Phoenix plug-in, this software integrates and simulates the analog warmth of tubes and tape into every channel in Pro Tools. Read more here.

In more news, Pro Tools 8.1 is available now for HD users… download it here.

And Avid announced an upgrade of Torq for the Snow Leopard operating system today as well… read about it here.

Big news I’d say!


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    I’m super excited about these new products.
    Avid seems to be doing a kickass job right now.
    I think many people were a little worried about
    how it was all gonna go down but it seems they’re
    not only handling it, they’re upping the ante.

    Kudos. Bigtime.

    I like your writing style, and I’m hoping for more blog posts like this one.

    You have to hand it to AVID, they seem to have the right business planning and execution. Sadly some of the smaller developers don’t seem to have quite the same decision making /development skills.

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